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How To Create A Scandi-style Kitchen

Do Scandi-style kitchens captivate you? Are you finding yourself navigating a labyrinth of white and wood whilst scrolling through Pinterest? Worry no more, as we’re here to provide advice on crafting the minimalist yet inviting ambiance of a Scandi-style kitchen.

Creating a Scandi-style kitchen isn’t as hard as finding a needle in a haystack, rather it’s as dead simple when you keep a few key elements in mind.

To begin with, let’s discuss the palette. The essence of a Scandi-style kitchen lies in its bright and airy appeal. Visualise white walls, cabinets of light wood and intermittent pops of colour. However, ensure not to go overboard with the hues. Keep to subtle shades like grey, beige, or pastels, allowing you to infuse personality into your kitchen without it becoming overpowering.

Just don’t be fooled by this monochromatic medley. You can add a dash of drama – a pinch of pizzazz – with cabinets that are cloaked in a shroud of shadowy black or a soothing splash of sea-inspired blues.

For your cupboard door needs, New Replacement Kitchen Doors is at your service. We offer an array of designs and colours that align perfectly with a Scandi-style kitchen. Our flat panel doors in a light wood finish like oak or ash are excellent for achieving a minimalist appeal. Should you desire some texture in your cabinets, our shaker-style doors in light grey or white could be your choice.

Next, let’s focus on textures. Scandi-style kitchens thrive on combining textures to create a comforting yet refined look. You could juxtapose wood with metal, or introduce woven baskets for a warm touch. Textured tiles or a patterned rug can enhance your kitchen’s appeal without compromising its minimalist ethos.

Lighting is another critical component of a Scandi-style kitchen, with natural light being pivotal. Like a graceful ballet dancer, light in a Scandi kitchen moves with airy elegance. It pirouettes off high-gloss tiles, illuminates every nook and cranny, and makes your kitchen glow brighter than a summer’s day in Stockholm. And remember, the more the merrier when it comes to natural light.

Ensure ample windows let the sunshine flood in and if your kitchen lacks natural light, artificial lighting can be used to simulate a bright and open environment. Pendant lights or a striking light fixture can inject character into your kitchen whilst preserving the minimalist aesthetic.

Last but not least, let’s address the finishing touches. Scandi-style kitchens are all about subtle details. Incorporate greenery with potted plants or herbs on your windowsill. Showcase your beloved mugs on open shelving or hang a standout piece of artwork on your walls. The key is to maintain simplicity and avoid clutter.

Realizing a Scandi-style kitchen is about embracing lightness, brightness and comfort. Adhere to light wood finishes, subdued colours and a blend of textures to create intrigue. New Replacement Kitchen Doors presents a superb range of doors apt for a Scandi-style kitchen. Remember to allow abundant natural light and incorporate final touches like plants and artwork to render your kitchen genuinely distinctive.

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