MDF Shaker Kitchen Doors

Our MDF shaker doors are made from high-quality, durable MDF. They are easy to care for and are a great way to give you the freedom you may need to update your kitchen.

New Range Of Bare MDF Doors

Unpainted V-Groove MDF Shaker Kitchen Doors

Our MDF V Groove doors are crafted from premium, durable MDF, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance. These doors offer a contemporary twist on the traditional, so you get the versatility and freedom to refresh and customise your kitchen with a modern feel.


Kitchen Hinges, Handles & Knobs

Did you know we also stock over 60 varieties of handles and knobs for you to choose from to make sure you can achieve the stunning kitchen uplift you want. 

New Replacement Kitchen Doors - Before & After

Do you need custom kitchen parts?

From unique cornerpieces to customised fillers and doors, along with precision cutting and hinge hole drilling service. We’ve got everything you need to create your dream kitchen. Just tell us your vision and we’ll make it a reality.