Bespoke Kitchen Solutions

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors, we understand that your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a unique space that reflects your style, needs and the way you live your life.

We recognise that kitchens come in all sizes and shapes and there will often be things you can’t get “out of the box” when you visit a kitchen sales showroom or a big national chain. That’s why we go above and beyond to offer you bespoke kitchen components, tailored precisely to your specifications and desires.

Crafted In Our Workshop But Created For Your Home

With our own dedicated workshop, our skilled team headed by Harry Lupton uses the finest materials to turn your kitchen vision into reality. We work tirelessly, combining traditional techniques with modern innovation and materials, to create kitchen components that are not just functional but are a true reflection of your personal style.

A Glimpse Into Our Craftsmanship

Whether you’re looking to replace your kitchen doors with something that fits the rest of your home’s aesthetic, seeking unique cabinet designs that maximise your space or if you’re dreaming of bespoke features that you can’t find anywhere else we’ve got you covered. Our workshop is equipped with the tools and the talent to create anything you need for your kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Doors

Tailored to fit any kitchen cupboard size, our doors come in a range of styles - from classic to contemporary - and they can be finished with paint, lacquer or natural wood finishes to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Unique Cabinet Designs

Maximise your storage with cabinets made to fit the quirks of your kitchen's layout. From slim pull-out kitchen cupboards for spices to deep drawers for pots and pans, we can design various solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Personalised Shelving & Storage Solutions

Open kitchen shelving, floating shelves or custom pantry organisers, we can help you with storage solutions to keep your essentials within reach and your kitchen clutter-free.

Bespoke Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are centrepieces that are both functional and beautiful. Created to fit your space perfectly, we can even add options for integrated storage, seating or appliances to help you maximise the use of your space.

Custom Mouldings & Trim

Add elegance and character to your kitchen with custom crown mouldings, kickboards or decorative trims, precisely cut and finished to complement your kitchen's design.

Made-to-Order Worktops

Although we’re primarily a woodwork-focused workshop, we can craft wooden worktops that are tailored to the dimensions and shapes of your kitchen. We’ll work with you to get the materials and finishing perfect for your project.

Integrated Appliance Housing

If you want to create a seamless look and perhaps have some unusual appliances you need to conceal, we can create custom housing for your appliances so they blend perfectly with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.

Specialty Kitchen Items

Whether it's a built-in wine rack, a bespoke cutlery drawer or a custom spice cupboard, we can craft unique kitchen components to cater to your specific needs and the look you’re going for..


Helping You Achieve The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors, we believe in making your kitchen as unique as you are. With our bespoke services, your kitchen will be a testament to your taste – a space where functionality meets beauty – as you imagined it. We help our customers to realise their dream kitchens because your kitchen shouldn’t just exist in your imagination.

Get In Touch

Ready to create the kitchen of your dreams? If you need some bespoke kitchen components that you can’t find anywhere else, just get in touch. Harry is on hand to chat through your requirements and to work up a quote so you can get the kitchen of your dreams.