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What are the pros and cons of gloss kitchen doors?

Sleek and polished high-gloss kitchen doors can be found in every decade of kitchen door design, so it’s right to think about how this option of kitchen door could look in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for replacement kitchen doors or you’re planning a brand new kitchen from scratch, there are plenty of pros and cons with gloss kitchen doors.

Choosing between matt kitchen doors or gloss kitchen doors is one of those pretty fundamental decisions you’re going to have to make when it comes to thinking about what you want your kitchen to look like.

So, being the nice chaps we are here at New Replacement Kitchen Doors, we decided to put together this handy guide to help you understand the pros and cons of installing gloss kitchen doors in your kitchen.

What are high gloss kitchen doors?

There have been gloss kitchen doors since time immemorial, but the high gloss kitchen doors we have come to think about became fashionable in the 1970s and they became synonymous with the ultra-modern style that was sweeping the design world.

Fundamentally though, gloss kitchen doors are just the opposite of matt kitchen doors! Matt kitchen doors have a dull surface whereas gloss kitchen doors reflect the light from the room they’re in. If you get ultra-high gloss kitchen doors you’re talking about kitchen doors that have a mirror-like quality to them. You can see your face reflected back at you in these kitchen doors, which is something most of us could do without on some mornings.

In order to achieve the level of gloss finish you can get on a gloss kitchen door, the doors are coated with a layer or two of lacquer, acetate or acrylic. When we say “a layer or two” we are talking about thick layers that are built up on top of a wooden or MDF kitchen door base (or even MCF bases). These lacquers and layers of paint and sealant are sprayed on the bases and then allowed to dry and cure to give a smooth and glossy finish.

A PVC laminate is sometimes used in order to get a cheaper alternative gloss finish. This has its place. Other gloss kitchen door options include coated metal kitchen doors, polished glass kitchen doors and solid acrylic kitchen doors. But by and large, we’re talking about wooden kitchen door bases or MDF kitchen door bases.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Glossy kitchen doors have the kind of impact that will stop you dead in your tracks. Replacement high gloss kitchen doors can turn your kitchen into a true modernist statement piece with only a limited amount of changes.

Your kitchen dream will gleam with the clean crisp lines that high gloss kitchen doors will bring to your lives.

Advantages Of High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Doors That Are Always In Vogue

When choosing your new kitchen doors, you will naturally consider whether the decisions you make will soon look out of date. However, you can rest assured by choosing a gloss-finish kitchen door your kitchen is not going to look dated when the next trend comes along and that’s because ultra-glossy kitchen doors are a design staple that has remained ever-popular.

Bright Kitchen Doors

High gloss kitchen doors can make your kitchen feel brighter because they reflect light from around your kitchen. This can make a small kitchen feel much bigger than it really is. But remember these mirror-like kitchen doors will likely present you with an image of yourself in the morning, whether you want them to or not!

Easy To Clean Kitchen Doors

We all know cleaning a kitchen can be a real pain. You can find yourself spending hours trying to get a kitchen clean but when you’ve got gloss kitchen doors in your kitchen you’ll find their slick waterproof surfaces easy to wipe down and resistant to the accumulation of grime.

High Gloss Kitchen Door Colours

Kitchen doors come in all shapes and sizes, and kitchen door colours offer an equal, if not greater variety still. The colours gloss kitchen doors come in can be dazzling and due to the different lacquers and coverings, you can guarantee you can get any shade of colour to match your kitchen.

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors, you can choose from a range of kitchen door colours or we are able to get your replacement kitchen doors painted to the specific colours you desire.

Disadvantages Of Gloss Kitchen Doors

There are a lot of advantages of shiny and glossy kitchen doors, but we’ve got to be honest, there are some cons when it comes to kitchen doors.

Gloss Kitchen Doors Show Scratches And Smudges

The more reflective the surfaces of your kitchen doors, the more likely you are to see any smudges, scratches or stains. When choosing a matt kitchen door it’s often best to choose a dark matt finish because the dark finish can hide a multitude of sins, whereas dark gloss kitchen doors are more likely to show any marks on them. Children and animals are particularly problematic when it comes to marks showing up on glossed kitchen doors.

As we’ve already seen, high gloss kitchen doors are easy to clean but you have to regularly clean them in order to prevent annoying things like fingerprints from constantly being visible.

Gloss Kitchen Door Colours Can Constantly Look Different

Just as the glossy finishes of these kitchen doors can make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter, the shifting light in your kitchen throughout the day can change the way you perceive the colour of your kitchen doors. It’s not only the sun moving through the sky that’s going to have an impact, after dark you’re going to put on the kitchen lights and the lighting is going totally change the colour again.

Also, because high gloss kitchen doors often use plastics and lacquers, there is a chance the doors that regularly receive direct sunlight can lead to UV fading and this will change the colour of doors within your kitchen.

Gloss Kitchen Doors Cost More Than Matt Kitchen Doors

Glossy kitchen doors generally require more paintwork than a matt kitchen doors. The painter has to spray a door with layers upon layers to establish the kind of gloss finish you’re expecting on your kitchen doors. This takes time and this can be reflected in the price you’re going to pay.

It has never been easier to replace your kitchen doors with new replacement kitchen doors and gloss kitchen doors could just be the right choice for you.

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors we can help you spruce up your kitchen on a budget with our wide range of kitchen doors including everything from solid wooden kitchen doors to gloss kitchen doors – and everything else in between! Learn more about our range of replacement kitchen doors here.

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