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Is It Cheaper To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors Or Paint Them?

Kitchen doors are one of the main ways that you can control the look and feel of your kitchen. If your kitchen doors are starting to look a bit tired and dated then it makes sense that you’re going to start to wonder how you can fix them and you might start to consider painting your kitchen cupboard doors. In this article, we’ll look at whether repainting your kitchen doors is really the cheapest option.

When you’re thinking about a quick and easy way to freshen up a room, it stands to reason you’re going to start thinking about painting it. Your kitchen is no different. A splash of colour here and there can even go a long way to positively impacting the value of your home too.

Repainting Kitchen Doors

Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re choosing between repainting or replacing kitchen cabinet doors, hands down there’s no contest, repainting them is going to be the cheapest. But it depends on how and why you go about doing it,

For example, you could take your kitchen cabinet doors off your kitchen cabinets and send them to a company to repaint them. They will properly prepare them and repaint them for you. This can result in a super luxurious finish and will look very professional. However, this can be really expensive, depending on the kitchen door painter who you choose.

You can do it yourself of course! This can reduce the costs and give you a bit of a refresh. To get the best results you should choose to use kitchen door paint, which is more expensive than normal paint but is more robust. You can of course use gloss paint if you want to make it, even more, cost-effective.

To get the best results you are going to want to take the doors off the cabinets, sand them down, apply an undercoat and then paint them properly. If you aren’t up for getting your screwdrivers out you can even paint the doors on the cabinets themselves!

There are some big disadvantages to painting your kitchen doors yourself. Unless you’re Michaelangelo there’s every chance your painting efforts aren’t going to look the most professional you could imagine. If you aren’t that houseproud and you don’t intend to use your kitchen for hosting salubrious events, you might not be too concerned about the finish, but if you do it yourself there’s every chance your guests will notice.

It’s not just the quality of the finish but also the robustness of the paint job, which is likely to result in you seeing chips in the paintwork revealing your old kitchen doors behind the paint.

What’s more, after a while your kitchen door refresh will probably start to drive you mad. Most people who do a DIY repaint of their kitchen doors end up wishing they’d had it done properly and this can often lead to them deciding to replace the whole kitchen. Of course, they could still replace the kitchen doors at this point!

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

With a name like New Replacement Kitchen Doors, you can probably guess we’re going to suggest you replace your kitchen doors rather than replace them.

Replacing your kitchen doors is going to be more expensive than repainting them but you will get a much longer life out of the replacement kitchen doors than you would from repainting your old kitchen door, especially if you repaint them yourself.

But when it comes to refreshing your kitchen you’ve got to ask yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. You are going to want to refresh your kitchen it’s probably because your kitchen is looking tired and dated. Repainting your kitchen doors only goes so far as to refresh your kitchen. Replacing your kitchen doors with replacement kitchen doors goes that one step further to giving your kitchen a new look and feel, without replacing the whole kitchen. As such we’re going to suggest this is a better way to go.

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors we can help overhaul your kitchen with our wide range of replacement kitchen doors, including everything from solid wood kitchen doors to gloss kitchen doors – and everything else in between! Learn more about our range of replacement kitchen doors here.

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