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How To Spruce Up A Kitchen On A Budget

In most homes, kitchens are probably the most used and hardest used rooms in a property. After a while kitchens will naturally require a bit of updating. But you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater – or dishwater in this case – there are a lot of things you can do to spruce up a kitchen on a budget

Most of us will think about how tired and dated our kitchen look from time to time. If you want a brand new kitchen that’s great, but they can be costly and paying out all that money isn’t necessary when you could just update the look of it with a handful of changes.

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors we know a fair few things about how to turn an old outdated kitchen into a kitchen you’ll be proud of for another 20 years!

Here are our top five tips to quickly sprucing up your kitchen on a budget:

Clear the clutter from your kitchen

This is the most cost-effective change you can make to your kitchen. Getting rid of all that clutter and tat that you’ve accumulated over the years can go a long way to making your kitchen feel fit for purpose.

You’re going to have to be ruthless though. Think about the things that you never use. Remember that pasta maker on your shelf that you’ve used once? Put it in the cupboard or in the bin or donate it to your local school.

decluttered kitchen

Get rid of all the things from the worktops too. The surfaces of your kitchen should be as clutter-free as possible, so they can work as the work surfaces they are supposed to be. If you absolutely must keep some of the items on the kitchen workspace, think about how you use them and how they work together. Your kettle and toaster should probably be together and that breadboard should be parked near the breadbin. Keep your tea towels close to the sink instead of leaving them hanging on the cooker door.

Update your kitchen’s worktops and sink

Over time worktops get scuffed and damaged and you’re going to want to replace them. Changing the worktops or sink alone can have a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks and feels.

You can go for a relatively cost-effective option to just change the look and feel of the kitchen or you can go all out and choose a slightly more expensive option such as solid wood or quartz-effect or composite worktops. If you’re feeling really creative you might want to install a concrete worktop to get that industrial look and feel.

granite kitchen worktop

When thinking about your sink, you might want to go for something that complements your worktops or you might want to go for a colour of sink that really stands out. And don’t forget you can also customise the taps you use to add that extra sense of depth and functionality.

Re-tile your kitchen’s walls and splashbacks

Retiling your kitchen doesn’t have to be a huge chore and it’s not something you necessarily have to have a great deal of skill to pull off.

Splashbacks can be easily applied to the walls in your kitchen to make a more modern feeling border and this can compliment existing or new tiled surfaces.

tiled kitchen walls

If you are a novice when it comes to tiling, it may be worth choosing the largest tiles you can find as this will make the whole job easier and it can potentially produce fewer issues to have to deal with.

Of course, if you’re not feeling that confident about retiling you can get a tiler to come and do it for you. Tilers aren’t that expensive either.

Paint your kitchen walls

Other than decluttering your kitchen, painting your kitchen is probably the best way to make a quick change to your kitchen.

You can choose from a wide range of colours when painting your kitchen walls but it’s best to think about colours that complement or highly contrast with your existing kitchen furniture.

Painted kitchen walls

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you should choose kitchen and bathroom paint when painting your kitchen walls. The kitchen is quite a hostile environment for paint, so if you want your kitchen paint job to last it’s best to spend a bit more and get the right product for the job.

Replace your kitchen doors

Replacing your kitchen doors is probably the most effective way to change the look and feel of your kitchen.

The kitchen doors have more impact in most kitchens than the worksurfaces, as it’s the kitchen doors that face outwards from the kitchen units and present the face of the kitchen to visitors.

replacement shay light grey kitchen doors

It has never been easier to replace your kitchen doors with new replacement kitchen doors. There is a massive range of replacement kitchen doors available and we have a huge selection for you to choose from.

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors we can help you spruce up your kitchen on a budget with our wide range of kitchen doors including everything from solid wooden kitchen doors to gloss kitchen doors – and everything else in between! Learn more about our range of replacement kitchen doors here.

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