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25 Kitchen Design Trends For 2023

It’s about to be a new year and you know what they say? New year, new kitchen! OK, no one ever says that, but it is worth thinking about the design trends we expect to see in the new year, as this could inform your kitchen choices.

Remember trends come and go, so you’ve got to consider those features that will never go out of fashion, with those you might be able to redo every year or two. There are always ways to creatively refresh the look and feel of your kitchen without completely remodelling it.

Don’t worry, the team here at New Replacement Kitchen Doors has a track record of creating simple changes to kitchens that makes them look up-to-date and bang on trend without actually spending a fortune or hugely remodelling things. We’ve done everything from a quick spruce up, to new kitchen doors to remodelling to reimagining the kitchens of the stars.

2023 is just about to rush over your kitchen’s threshold but will your kitchen still look so 2007 when 2024 comes knocking at your door?

Paint Your Kitchen Island

Most people are saying 2023 isn’t going to be the year of the all-white kitchen. But you can introduce a huge splash of colour to your existing all-white kitchen by adding some colour to your kitchen island. You’ve just got to paint it!

Painting your kitchen island is a simple, cheap and effective way to bring some colour into your kitchen, without changing very much at all. In fact, you’ve just got to paint the base of it. It can make a huge difference to your kitchen because of its position at the centre of the kitchen. Every angle will give you a blast of colour framed by those timeless white – or otherwise coloured – kitchen doors.

Extend Your Kitchen Island To Make A Social Space

By adding a new worktop with a couple of legs you can make a new social space in your kitchen that will create a new centrepiece and give your whole kitchen a brand-new look.

The new kitchen island will feature new seating spaces, meaning you can ensure the space is more inclusive, whether you’re cooking, entertaining or just relaxing with friends or family.

Add A Butcher’s Block Island To Your Kitchen

As we’ve seen, an island can have a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks and feels. But it’s not only the colour of your kitchen island but also the materials it’s made from. A butcher’s block kitchen island adds a thick layer of natural material to the centre of your kitchen and it can really soften up a space. You might be able to replace the worktop on your existing island or just get a new island if you feel that way inclined.

Introduce Different Woods With Bright Colours

2023 is going to be about contrast. Contrasting colours and contrasting materials. In 2022 we saw saturated colours, but in 2023 expect to see more chalky colours. These chalky colours will then be mixed with wood to really give a hint of more earthy tones.

Introduce Different Metals To Your Kitchen

Bronze, nickel, stainless steel. These can all be an important part of a kitchen but historically we’ve seen kitchens that stick with one flavour of metal. In 2023 you should expect to see a mixture of different types of metals.

If you want your kitchen to be on trend in the coming year be sure to mix it up a bit. Add more metals and make them contrast with each other. A blended approach is a right approach for 2023.

Take A Risk With Your Cabinet Carpentry

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors, we provide a wide range of replacement kitchen doors, however, you don’t have to go with the standard shaker or slab designs for your kitchen doors. In fact, if you’re feeling a bit creative there are any number of designs and patterns you can go for with the carpentry of your cabinets. In 2023 you can expect to see the wild and the wonderful being tried out in the kitchen cabinet carpentry department.

Introduce A Bit Of Japandi To Your Kitchen

Japandi is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It’s based on the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is a way of life that values slow living, contentment and simplicity. It also features the Scandinavian practice of hygge, which embraces comfort, cosiness and well-being.

An abundance of house plants is key to mastering the Japandi style so consider incorporating more house plants in your kitchen.

Add Drawers Not Doors To Your Kitchen

OK, so maybe this is going to seem strange coming from an organisation called New Replacement Kitchen Doors, but in 2023 drawers are going to be a bit more fashionable than traditional kitchen doors. Don’t worry though, we do drawers too! Essentially, we’re going to see people swapping out single-door cabinets for multiple-drawer fronted cabinets. It’s very doable from a DIY perspective, but it might be a bit advanced for some.

Warming Drawers

As we come out of the world of the covid pandemic and perhaps due to the cost of living crisis, we are starting to see more and more people turning to host at home. One of the upshots is we’re seeing warming drawers becoming a new must-have kitchen trend that we expect to see go crazy in 2023.

Warming drawers are where food is kept to the perfect temperature while you’re preparing and serving food elsewhere. They are ideal for hosting, but also a great novelty feature and conversation piece.

Marble Is Back Baby!

Marble is timeless. It’s been hitting the headlines since before the Roman era and it’s definitely about to hit the headlines again. This year we’re going to see marble featured everywhere from splashbacks to whole wall coverings and from worktops to floor tiling. We all know marble can cost the earth but it doesn’t have to, you can get some great imitation marble that looks the part at a fraction of the price.

Choose Bare Wood Cabinet Doors

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors we largely deal with MDF kitchen doors. MDF kitchen doors are never going out of fashion. But this year, expect to see an increase in the use of solid doors in kitchens. Give us a shout if you’re interested in some solid wood kitchen doors as we’d love to speak with you about them. Just remember to offset them against some sweet-looking brightly painted cabinets for contrast.

Paint Your Kitchen Walls Blue And Green

Deeply green colours are always a design classic but when you mix that with an undertone of blue you are going to be onto a winner in 2023. Your kitchen will feel classy, and on-trend but not overstated or too try-hard.

Dusky Pink Paint

Just as blue and green are likely to be some of the most on-trend colours for kitchen walls in 2023, expect to see dusky pink breakout to become one of the most used feature colours of the year.

Dusky pink is going to be the new grey. If your first reaction is to paint it grey, stop yourself and head over to the dusky pink paint pot.

Mix-and-Match Countertops

There are so many different types of countertop materials to choose from when you are thinking about your kitchen. Most people choose the same material for all their countertops. In 2023 we think this is going to change. We expect to see more people choosing different countertop materials with different materials being used to delineate different areas of the kitchen.

The Larder

Expect to see the return of the larder in 2023. If you’ve got a big under-the-stairs cupboard that adjoins the kitchen start thinking about how you can open it up and incorporate it into your kitchen.

If you can’t create a larder to adjoin your kitchen, you should consider adding a new larder kitchen cabinet.

Wallpaper Backsplashes For Kitchens

When you think about backsplashes you probably think about tiles, wood or glass, backsplashes, but you can also use wallpaper backsplashes. Patterened wallpaper backsplashes can provide much-needed texture and colour to your kitchen. Incorporating it with a shelving unit can increase the visual impact of your kitchen by breaking up the wallpaper and making it really pop.

In 2023 expect to see more people using wallpaper backsplashes, especially patterned wallpaper.

Make Natural Stone Central To Your Kitchen

We’ve already discussed how marble will be important in kitchen design in 2023 but we’re not just talking about marble here, we’re also talking about using natural stone as a central focus point in your kitchen.

Expect to see the rugged, but ethereal; drama in stone. Woah – with lines like that we should be writing Christmas fragrance ads! We’ll just say in 2023, kitchens never smelt so good!

Creating A Drinks Bar

OK, so most of us have a guilty cupboard to hide the booze. But many of us also like to have wine on display. Displaying wine in our kitchen speaks of our sophisticated tastes – even if most of those bottles are simple Echoe Falls…

In 2023 we’re going to see people putting their bottles of plonk on display in their kitchens. Whether you’re sporting Lambrinis or Chateau Mouton Rothschild, you’re just going to put those bottles on display for a bit of colourful fun.

Add Some Recycled Products

We’re all facing the fact that our world is slowly warming up and we’re all having to do our bit. There is a fair amount of carbon locked away in even the most carbon-friendly kitchen. If you can use recycled products in your kitchen you have a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to those principles.

Expect kitchens in 2023 to make a huge show of their owner’s green credentials. It’s all about putting it out there on display in 2023.

Choose Furniture-Style Cabinets

A trend for 2023 is the growth in the use of furniture-style cabinetry. That means adding certain decorations to your cabinets to make them seem more like furniture and a little less ‘built-in.

This look can be easily achieved by using furniture-styled legs in the kickboard areas of your kitchen cabinets. You can get these from craft shops such as the range. Just don’t overdo it, there’s a fine line between on-trend and naff.

Painted kitchen walls

Choose Statement Lights In Your Kitchen

It’s previously all been about subtle lighting that really shows off your kitchen and makes the space feel well-lit. In 2023 we’re going to see more people using their lights to make a statement.

The lights will be the statement piece in the kitchen of 2023 and they will be hung low to demarcate different areas of the kitchen.

Be Bold

We’ve looked at colours and splashbacks and big statement lights. The key here is 2023 is going to be a year of being bold in the kitchen. You don’t need to rip everything out and start again.

Completely Hide Electrical Outlets Or Put It All On Display

Getting the right placement for your kitchen electricity sockets is essential, as this is a key way to make your kitchen really work for you. Traditionally, you’d see the electric sockets on the splashbacks of your kitchen, but this can lead to an unsightly tangle of wiring.

There has been a growing trend to hide away the electricity sockets. These can often be found under worktops and in the form of pop-ups in worktop sockets.

Whilst in some kitchens in 2023 we expect to see more hidden electric outlets, we also expect to see the opposite to be seen in a lot of kitchens too – where trunking and sockets stand proud from the wall, offering a utilitarian look and feel.

Display Art In Your Kitchen

Although you’re unlikely to have a van Gogh hidden away in the loft, it’s quite likely that you have some old artwork somewhere that you could make a feature of in your kitchen. It might just be something your kids or maybe even you knocked up at school. If it’s not great, simply make a feature of making it a feature.

Add Artisan Features

If you can get a set of handmade tiles to create a small feature splashback or perhaps unique and decorative handles, you’ll be in good company in 2023. In 2023 we expect to see more artisan ironmongery in kitchens, as well as other artisan touches that will really set the neighbours’ tongues a wagging.

At New Replacement Kitchen Doors we can help you get your kitchen a bit more on trend with our wide range of trendy replacement kitchen doors, plus we’ve got some traditional and not so trendy and not so traditional replacement kitchen doors for you to consider too! We’ve got everything from solid wood kitchen doors to gloss kitchen doors – and everything else in between, so if you want to learn more, please take a look at our range of replacement kitchen doors here.

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